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Renowned for its superb fishing, the Bimini Islands attracted many vacationers, boaters, and cruise passengers throughout history, including famous people such as Earnest Hemmingway and Richard Nixon. Today, the area separates into North and South Bimini, each a collection of small islands easily accessible by yachts and luxury cruise ships. All year round, fishermen flock to the streams, flats, and reefs to fish for tuna, swordfish, and marlin. Famously, Hemmingway wrote his novels To Have and Have Not and Islands in the Stream on these very islets.

A multitude of lovely beaches exist on the western side of North Bimini. Off the shore, divers visit the reefs that teem with exotic tropical fish. Many mysterious stone figures sit in the water, and some people say they are the ruins of Atlantis. Alice Town in North Bimini makes a great place to visit. This municipality hosts the remains of a famous casino and resort built in the 1920's, and has many tourist-friendly bars and shops.

Recently, a luxury resort opened in North Bimini and makes the Bimini Islands a prime spring-break location. This resort features high-end hotels, restaurants, and casinos, and creates a place for fun and excitement, with the lovely scenery as a backdrop.

The largest area in the chain, South Bimini contains sandy beaches, resorts, and yacht clubs. The South Bimini Yacht Club and the Bimini Beach Club and Marina make great places for yachting and boating buffs to park and have fun. Being only about 53 miles east of Miami makes Bimini a great traveling spot for US yachtsmen. Resorts in South Bimini cater brilliantly to the fishing and boating crowd with comfortable and luxurious accommodations close to the beach.

A sublime place for fishing, yachting, or relaxing in the sun, the Biminis create a perfect travel spot. Fishing enthusiasts, divers, snorklers, and party-lovers can all find a fun and relaxation on these Bahama islands.

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